IDM Fiber

IDM Fiber is the latest and fastest Internet access solution that IDM is introducing to the market. The service is now available in Achrafieh, Hamra and Ras Beirut.

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Corporate Internet

Perfect plans for all corporate users that need a fast and dedicated internet connection with high download capacities.

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Points of Sale

Our IDM signs will lead you to our more than 1000 resellers available all around Lebanon.

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Residential Internet

Residential plans to fit all budgets. Plans range from 15 Gigabytes to unlimited!

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Our Packages

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4M / 15GB 30GB

$12 /m

  • 4 MB Speed
  • 15 GB 30 GB of Download/Upload
  • $12/Monthly Fees

4M / 40GB

$16 /m

  • 4 MB Speed
  • 40 GB of Download/Upload
  • $16/Monthly Fees

4M / 50GB

$19 /m

  • 4 MB Speed
  • 50 GB of Download/Upload
  • $19/Monthly Fees

Parental Control

  • Adjust filters with preset levels or Customize according to your needs.
  • Enable or Disable from the palm of your hand, wherever you are.
  • Adjust filters with preset levels or Customize according to your needs.
  • Override filters when necessary to Allow or Block specific sites.
  • Schedule access to the Internet according to Time or Content: set a homework controlled browsing period and a free browsing time.
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Web Design & Development

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Société Tabbara

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Latest News

Mobile App Update
May, 2019

We have upgraded our IDM Self Care mobile application for additional security and ease of use. To benefit from the updated application, you will be required to register... Read More

IDM at Smartex 2019
April, 2019

IDM reveals its latest innovations at SmartEx 2019. This year, we participated at SmartEx to celebrate the new campaign “zawajnehon” and crown it with more success. Read More

Bundle: ADSL + TV
April, 2019

You can now bundle Internet and premium TV channels with IDM and Cablevision and benefit from a special discounted offer. Available in 4 different bouquets. Read More

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