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Dear subscribers,

In the context of the recent hacking attacks that occurred in Lebanon targeting public administrations as well as private companies, some news bulletin have reported that the hackers have obtained the email passwords of IDM users. IDM would like to categorically deny that the email passwords of its customers have been hacked and confirm that the IDM mail servers have not been compromised.

A team of highly qualified security engineers took the necessary measures and actions, with the coordination and assistance of top international security providers, to mitigate the impact of this Cyber-crime activity on our customers. In parallel, a dedicated team of experienced network engineers was continuously adapting the international circuits' usage according to the volume of the attacks.

The hackers attacked secondary servers and files at IDM. The attacks were detected by our security systems, the hackers were identified and located, then referred to the judiciary authorities who arrested them and are proceeding with the investigations.

IDM would like to take this opportunity to affirm again that at no time, customers confidential information had been compromised.

Best Regards,

IDM Fiber

IDM Fiber is the latest and fastest Internet access solution that IDM is introducing to the market. The service is now available in Achrafieh, Hamra and Ras Beirut.

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Perfect plans for all corporate users that need a fast and dedicated internet connection with high download capacities.

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Our IDM signs will lead you to our more than 1000 resellers available all around Lebanon.

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Residential plans to fit all budgets. Plans range from 15 Gigabytes to unlimited!

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4M / 15GB Plan

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  • 15 GB of Download/Upload
  • $12/Monthly Fees

4M / 40GB Plan

$16 /m

  • 4 MB Speed
  • 40 GB of Download/Upload
  • $16/Monthly Fees

4M / 50GB Plan

$19 /m

  • 4 MB Speed
  • 50 GB of Download/Upload
  • $19/Monthly Fees

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  • Enable or Disable from the palm of your hand, wherever you are.
  • Adjust filters with preset levels or Customize according to your needs.
  • Override filters when necessary to Allow or Block specific sites.
  • Schedule access to the Internet according to Time or Content: set a homework controlled browsing period and a free browsing time.
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