Parental Control Disclaimer

IDM is offering the Parental Control service to protect your family at home from being exposed to illegal and inappropriate adult content, including gambling, violent and sexually-based material. This solution, when activated, allows parents and caretakers to block adult content accessed through their ADSL connection provided by IDM.

This solution will only protect the devices connected to the home network, while the Parental Control service is active, properly configured and turned ON for the home network’s Internet connection. The solution cannot protect devices connected to the mobile GSM network even if the device is located inside the home, and cannot protect devices connected to any other wired or wireless network outside the home.

Access to and management of the Parental Control Service is obtained through the use of the Internet connection’s username and password. The account holder, being the parent or caretaker is responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of their password and account information. The account holder is responsible for all activities that occur within the account and agrees to notify IDM immediately of any, or suspected, unauthorized use of the account.
IDM will not be responsible in any way for any loss, or failure of the product, that may be incurred as a result of any unauthorized use of the account and password.

IDM does not warrant, guarantee or make any representations regarding the use, or the results of use of the Parental Control solution, or written materials in terms of accuracy, reliability, correctness, completeness, currentness or otherwise. IDM does not warrant that the Parental Control solution will prevent total access to offensive, inappropriate or obscene material of any description.

IDM Parental Control solution is designed to help the parents and caretakers to protect their family; however the solution is not intended to replace the supervisory activities of the parents and caretakers, and does not by any means relieve the parents of their duties and responsibilities for the supervision of their children’s actions and care for their wellbeing, online safety and security.

IDM strongly advise the account holder to get acquainted with Best Practices for Parents and Caretakers to protect their children online. Many helpful resources offering detailed advice about online safety and security for families can be found on the Internet.