Unlimited Night Service


The Unlimited Night service allows the subscriber to benefit from unmetered traffic consumption every day between 11:00 pm and 7:00 am. Among other benefits, the Unlimited Night service is the perfect solution to the frequently recurring large downloads that PCs, laptops, tablets, mobile phones or any other connected smart devices perform regularly to update applications and operating systems.

The amount of data consumed during the Unlimited Night period will not be deducted from the monthly traffic quota assigned with each plan, hence keeping this traffic available for your everyday use.

Plan / Speed Price / Month
All Plans 11pm-7am $4

All prices are subject to VAT

Service Activation

For Postpaid subscribers (accounts with a Bank Withdrawal Agreement as a payment method), a user can activate / deactivate this feature from the account management section on IDM’s web site.

For a Prepaid subscriber (accounts renewed using a Prepaid Scratch Card or a Credit Card), a user can purchase a “Services” card that he can activate from the account management section of IDM’s website. When activating a service card, a user is asked to choose the feature he wishes to activate.

Once activated, the subscriber will benefit from an Unlimited consumption between 11:00 pm and 07:00 am every day for the duration of the current Internet subscription.

Service Expiry and Renewal

The Unlimited Night feature subscription will always expire at the end of the ADSL subscription’s current billing cycle (whether this was due to the end of the billing cycle or because of the monthly quota traffic consumption), irrespective of the Unlimited Night feature activation date, and will have to be renewed when or after the ADSL subscription has been renewed.

For a Postpaid user, the first time subscription will remain valid till the end of the current month. The subscription to the Unlimited Night feature will be renewed automatically with the coming month’s ADSL subscription until the user decides to stop it.

For a Prepaid user, a subscription to the Unlimited Night feature will remain valid until the ADSL subscription expires, where this period could be less than 30 days, depending on the date of the feature activation.

Ex.: if a user subscribes to the Unlimited Night Feature on the 7th of a month, and his ADSL subscription expires on the 2nd of the next month, the user will benefit from a 25 days Unlimited Night.

Stopping the service

The Unlimited Night feature can be stopped at any time.

Postpaid users will need to sign in to the account management section of IDM’s website and stop the service. When stopped, the feature will be billed for the current month and will remain available till the end of the current month/billing cycle.

Prepaid users only need to stop activating a “Services” prepaid card in order to stop the Unlimited Night feature. Once an Unlimited Night feature subscription expires, it will remain as such until the user decides to activate a new “Services” prepaid card and choose the Unlimited Night feature from the list of available features.