Frequently Asked Questions (Bundle: ADSL + TV)

If I am an IDM Fiber subscriber can I bundle?

For the time being, the bundle is only available to IDM ADSL customers. We are working on similar bundles to provide to the Fiber Internet customers. These bundles will be announced soon.

If I am neither an IDM nor a Cablevision user, how can I benefit from the “Internet + TV” bundle?

You will need to apply for both services at IDM. To do so, please contact IDM sales on 1282.
IDM will ask you to fill in an application form and will follow up to have your Internet and TV services installed, and will guide you to bundle both services using the IDM’s Account Management Center.

If I am already an IDM and a Cablevision user, how can I benefit from the bundle? For existing IDM and Cablevision customers,
  • Register at IDM Account Management Center
  • If already registered, Login to IDM Account Management Center
  • Add the L-Number or D-Number to enroll in the bundle to the list of My Accounts
  • If already added, click on Manage for the selected L-Number or D-Number
  • Click on Bundle with Cablevision
  • Choose one of the 4 bundles available
  • Click Continue or Next
What are the startup fees for each bundle?

Please contact IDM sales on 1282 for more information about the available bundle offers.

How can I choose which bundle suits my needs best?

You need to choose a bundle with an Internet quota that covers your expected monthly usage needs, and a TV subscription to include the packages you want to watch and to cover the number of TVs on which you want to enable the service. For more assistance please call IDM sales on 1282

Do the Open speed and 6M bundles require a new modem?

No, the same existing ADSL modem can be used with any of the offered bundles

Can someone assist me on the 1282 for the first time to activate the bundle?

Activating the bundle can be easily completed by following the instructions on the screen at the IDM Account Management Center

If additional assistance is needed, please call IDM’s call center on 1282

What if I have only one TV and want to bundle?

You will still be able to enroll in the bundle. The second receiver will be marked as “Not Available”. The bundle price for 2 TVs will still be cheaper than subscribing for Internet and 1 TV at Cablevision separately.

Are there any fees to pay for a “Change of Plan”?

There will be no “Change of Plan” fees for subscribers opting in or out of the bundle.

What if my line speed cannot exceed 4 Mbps?

You will still be able to benefit from the bundle pricing and the higher GB cap. If additional assistance is needed, please call IDM’s call center on 1282

If the dealer of my area is not responding to me, what shall I do?

Please contact IDM on 1282 to follow up and ensure that all questions are answered, and services provided on time.

I do not know how to renew my bundle, who to call?

If you are a prepaid customer, you will need to purchase a prepaid card from IDM dealers and activate it using IDM Account Management Center.

If you still need more information or assistance, please call IDM (1282)

How to know when my bundle will expire?

Please visit IDM Account Management Center, Login, then select the L-Number or D-Number used with the bundle and click on Manage. All information related to your bundle will be displayed on this page.

For the time being, the bundle will not be available / shown / managed through the mobile app.

My dealer has no prepaid cards, where can I get them?

Please try to renew online using a Credit Card or call IDM Call Center to get a list of the nearest dealers.

My Cablevision is not working, shall I refer to IDM or Cablevision, and who to call?

For Cablevision support issues, please contact Cablevision’s Technical Support team on 01- 594 533

Your Internet took too long to install, can I activate Cablevision alone meanwhile, how?

While waiting for the Internet services to be activated, you can renew your Cablevision subscription from Cablevision’s website. You can either pay online using a Credit Card, or create an order to settle at any OMT branch. You can also visit any Cablevision dealer to renew your subscription.

Does your 1282 cover Cablevision and IDM support? Shall I speak with one person for both services?

For bundle related issues, you can call IDM Call Center (1282) or Cablevision’s Call Center (01-594 533)
For Internet related issues, please call IDM Call Center (1282)
For Cablevision related issues, please call Cablevision’s Call Center (01-594 533)

Can I have one-year subscription for Cablevision as prepaid service?

We recommend that you switch to a Postpaid payment method to ensure that your subscription will always be renewed on time and avoid any service disruption.

Otherwise, you can activate as many prepaid cards as you need. The first prepaid card will be used to renew your current subscription for 30 days if it is expired. The remaining prepaid cards will be added to your bundle’s prepaid cards queue and will be activated automatically each time the current service expires. To renew for a full year on a prepaid subscription, you will need to purchase and activate 12 cards.

Is there any referral program for the bundle service?


  • Prepaid Customers will benefit from an additional 16GB and Unlimited Night Service for a month
  • Postpaid Customers will benefit from a 30% discount on their monthly bill
What is the price of the extra receiver for any bundle?

The price of each extra receiver is $60 TTC

What if I only need the Family and Sports packages of Cablevision in my bundle?

“A Family and Sports only” bundle is currently not available. If you want the sports package, you will need to choose either the OS-250GB 4TVs bundle or the OS-UNL 4TVs bundle.