IDM GO 4G New Prices and FAQ

IDM is introducing new prices based on the decree issued by the Ministry of Telecom. As usual, IDM has made sure to provide a wide variety of competitive plans to cover all needs and budgets. What are the new 4G plans and prices?

The 4G plans remained the same, however the prices have changed as per below table.

Plan /Quota Validity Price HT
25 GB 30 Days $10
50 GB 30 Days $19
100 GB 30 Days $34
150 GB 30 Days $50
250 GB 30 Days $67
350 GB 30 Days $94
450 GB 30 Days $120
New prices can be paid in LBP based on Sayrafa rate on the transaction date I am an existing subscriber, what will be my new plan?

Your plan will remain the same, the new pricing will be applied.

In case I exceed my plan quota, what is the price of extra GBs consumption?

For prepaid accounts: when plan quota is reached your account will expire. You can renew it again for another 30 days.
For postpaid accounts, overconsumption is billed $0.4/GB

I have previously added credits to my account, what will happen to my balance?

Credits purchased at old pricing will be calculated and converted from old price to new price.

Credits Conversion Examples

Old Credits 30 55 100 150 200
New Credits Conversion 2 3 6 9 12

Price comparison Example

Product Credit Needed Price per Credit Total Price
Old 25 GB 30 1,533 LBP 46,000 LBP
New 25 GB 10 $1 @sayrafa rate $10 @sayrafa rate
I have old prepaid card(s) that I still haven’t activated, what will happen to those cards?

In case your card is not expired, you can add it to your account. The value will be converted to the new price and your account will be credited accordingly. (Check tables in previous answer)