3G Features

Why 3G with IDM? Convenient

IDM 3G is a service available 24/7, nearly anywhere in Lebanon.
You can use IDM 3G whether you are on the move or at home.

DM 3G complements your fixed Internet connection.
  • It provides you with higher speeds when needed
  • It connects you where fixed Internet can’t reach
  • It backs up your home connection when your fixed internet is down
IDM 3G comes with flexible payment methods:
  • Refill with a prepaid scratch card available at any authorized reseller near you
  • Renew online using a credit card
  • Provide an automatic withdrawal agreement from your bank

IDM 3G web Portal allows you to manage your account online: check your consumption, refill your account, change your subscription plan, get help to configure your devices or troubleshoot your connections…

Our call center provides 24/7 support over the phone for all your Internet related inquiries

  • Fast to obtain: IDM 3G SIM cards are available at any authorized reseller near you.
  • Fast to set up: the connection requires minimal configuration on 3G compatible devices.
  • Fast when used: our connection provides you with speeds up to 42 Mbps depending on your device type, location and network utilization
  • Fast to renew or refill: many easy and flexible payment methods available for your convenience.
  • IDM 3G has low startup fees. If you have a “3G ready” device, you only need to buy and activate a IDM 3G SIM card.
  • Whether you are a light or a heavy Internet user with a mobile, a tablet or a computer, we offer plans tailored to your needs, at reasonable prices.