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Parental Control helps to protect your family from online content not suitable for their viewing. With no software to download or install, you can set up IDMís Parental Control service in a few simple and easy steps, where protection will apply to every device connected to your home network.

The Parental Control service is available only to IDM subscriber.
Once subscribed, you can turn protection ON or OFF at any time.

Free Trial
You can try Parental Control for free until the end of the billing cycle during which you decide to activate your Free Trial service. If you need a longer trial period, please activate your Free Trial on the beginning of a billing cycle. [Try it now].


Item Price/Month
Parental Control (Standard) $1.5
Parental Control (Premium) coming soon

For a small amount of money, Parental Control gives you peace of mind and keeps unsuitable content away from your home and your family. [Subscribe Now]

Subscription for a Postpaid account
A Postpaid account is for a customer who provided a Bank Withdrawal Agreement as a payment method. If you have a postpaid account, you can immediately subscribe to the Parental Control service. The due amount will be added to your monthly invoice sent to your bank at the beginning of every month. Exceptionally, on the first month of subscription, you will be charged the full monthly amount irrespective of the day on which you subscribe to the service; exceptionally also, this first monthly charge will be added to the next monthís bill. [Subscribe Now]

Subscription for a Prepaid account
A Prepaid account is for a customer who renews using a Prepaid Card or a Credit Card. If your account is prepaid, you can subscribe to the Parental Control by activating a Services card available for purchase Online or at any Authorized Dealer. A prepaid card activated during a cycle will only last until your current Internet subscription expires. If you activate multiple cards consecutively, the extra cards will be added to the queue and will be activated on the next renewal of your Internet subscription. [Subscribe Now]
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