• 1. When will the new plans be available? The New Plans and pricing will be available and effective as of the 1st of August, 2017.
  • 2. What is Open Speed? How does it work? The new Open Speed plans do not have a physical limit on the line speed from the Central Office side.

    The speed in this case is determined by the quality and length of the phone line running from the Central Office to your apartment. As the quality of the line drops, speed will also drop. And as the length of the phone line increases, the speed will also drop. So the farther your apartment is from the Central Office, the lower the speed you will get, and the closer to the Central Office your apartment is, the higher the speed you will get.

    Depending on the quality and length of the line, the speed could range between 128Kbps and 20 Mbps. According to the statistics made during the test periods performed earlier, the majority of the lines will be able to reach speeds between 8 and 15 Mbps.
  • 3. What will happen to my account? Your account will be upgraded to a corresponding new plan based on a migration table prepared by IDM. To check how your account will be upgraded, please Login to the account management section on IDM’s website

    If you wish to choose a plan other than the one your account will be switched to, you can do so after the completion of the migration i.e. after the 1st of August. If your request is feasible, it will be effective after the 1st of September.

  • 4. Can I change or choose the plan that my subscription will be migrated to? On the 1st of August, all subscriptions will be migrated as per the Migration Table. After the 1st of August, you will be able to request a change to your plan. If the request is feasible, the change will take place at the beginning of the following billing cycle i.e. after the 1st of September.
  • 5. What will happen to prepaid cards already activated and pending in the queue? The current Prepaid Cards will remain valid. Each “old” prepaid card will activate one of the new plans that correspond to the card’s price value.

    This rule applies to prepaid cards pending in the queue or previously purchased and available with the subscriber.
  • 6. What card should I buy to renew my account? First, you will need to determine your current account type. If you have provided IDM with a valid e-mail address and/or a valid mobile number, you will receive an e-mail or an SMS from IDM showing your current subscription plan and your new subscription plan. Otherwise, please login to IDM’s account management section on the website and check your current and new subscription plan.

    Thereafter, you can buy either one of the old cards that correspond to your current account type or one of the new prepaid cards that correspond to your new account type. Both cards will activate the right subscription for you.

    Example: if your current account type is 2M-40GB and will be changed to 4M-40GB, then you need to purchase a 2M-40GB card or the new 4M-40GB card. Accordingly, IDM will automatically switch the account type to the corresponding new plan as per the Plan Migration Table.
  • 7. Do you still have the Unlimited Night service? Yes, the Unlimited Night service is still available to all capped plans. The subscription price for the Unlimited Night service is set at $4 per month for any metered plan (Fixed Speed or Open Speed).

    Note that the Unlimited Night service will not work if all monthly traffic was consumed. For the service to work during the night period, the account should be able to connect during normal day hours.
  • 8. What happens if I consume all my monthly quota / traffic / GBytes? Can I still buy extra Giga Bytes? Uncapped Postpaid accounts (accounts that settle dues through a Bank) will still be able to connect to the Internet and will be billed at the rate of $1 / GB for the first 50 GBytes, and at a rate of $0.67 for any extra GByte consumed above the initial 50 extra GBytes.

    Capped Prepaid accounts (accounts that renew using a prepaid scratch card) can purchase extra GBytes at the rate of $1 / GByte at any time. Service cards of $4 and $8 values will be available in the market and can be used to add extra GBytes to your ADSL account.

    Hence, if you need an amount of Giga Bytes higher than what is provided with your chosen plan, it would be beneficial to switch your account’s payment method to Postpaid Bank Withdrawal settlement.
  • 9. What is the Maximum Speed/Throughput my ADSL line can reach? The Maximum Speed/Throughput your ADSL line can reach depends on the:

    • Distance from the Central Office to your apartment.
    • Quality of Copper Lines running from the Central Office to your building
    • Quality of Copper line running from the building phone box to your apartment
    • Quality of Copper lines running inside your house up to the modem
    • Number and quality of filters used inside the house to split the phone and ADSL signals
    • Interference on the line caused by nearby high current electricity cables or other interference sources.

    In rare cases, this speed can range between 17 Mbps and 20 Mbps.

    Most likely, if all the above factors are within acceptable limits, you should get between 8 Mbps and 15 Mbps. Otherwise your line speed could be ranging between 128 Kbps and 4 Mbps.

    If you are subscribed to a Fixed Speed plan (i.e. 1M, 2M or 4M), then the speed is fixed and cannot exceed the specified values.

    On certain types of modems, you can log on to your ADSL modem interface and check the connection details to determine the physical speed your line can reach.

  • 10. Why can’t I reach a higher speed? Why does my neighbor have a higher speed? In case some neighbors are able to reach a speed higher than the speed your ADSL modem is reaching, this means that either your cable coming from the central office has a poor quality, or the line going up from the building phone box to your apartment has a poor quality.

    In order to determine the source of the problem, a test needs to be made at the phone line’s entry point to the apartment, after disconnecting all the phone sets. If the results are still lower than expected, another test needs to be made at the building phone box.

    If you get the same result, please contact us so that we can escalate this issue to the Ministry of Telecommunication and work on switching your phone line to a better copper pair.

    If the result is better at the building phone box, you will need to replace the cable going from the phone box to your apartment, and probably some internal wiring inside the apartment. In order to get the best results, please make sure to use a single Cat5 or Cat6 cable, i.e. try to minimize the number of interconnected cables (preferably use a single cable), and where necessary, make sure the connection between cables is properly linked and isolated.

    Moreover, make sure your phone cable does not run next to high current electric cables to avoid interference caused by the magnetic field generated by the current inside the electric cables.

    Note: A shielded twisted pair Cat6 cable highly reduces interference from nearby electrical magnetic fields.
  • 11. Can I change my plan from Open Speed / Full Speed to a Fixed Speed plan and vice versa? Yes, you can change your plan. To change speed, you need to submit a request online or through the Customer Care department ( and if feasible, your request will be executed on the first of the following month.
  • 12. When will you start offering High Speed Internet over Fiber Optic cables all the way to the home? IDM, in partnership with GDS will soon start deploying a fiber optic network in selected pilot areas and will increase coverage gradually. Once the street you live in is covered with GDS’s fiber optic cables, a sales person will pass by every building to inform the tenants about the availability of the service and collect applications.

    Moreover, we will install a visible label at the entrance of the buildings covered with fiber in order to simplify the application process. In case your building is covered, you will only need to fill in an online application and specify your building’s reference assigned by GDS and showing on the label at the building entrance.
  • 13. Can I change my plan without going back to IDM? If you are switching plans within the same speed group, i.e. if you are switching from a Fixed Speed plan to another Fixed Speed plan, or if you are switching from an Open / Full Speed plan to another Open / Full Speed plan, then all you need to do is to:

    • Buy the prepaid card corresponding to the desired plan either online or from an authorized dealer, and activate it in case your account is prepaid
    • Request the change online from the account management section on the website in case your account is postpaid

    If you are changing from a Fixed Speed plan to an Open / Full Speed plan or vice versa, then you will need to request the change online from the account management section on the website or contact our customer care department. $2 change speed fees apply if request if feasible.

  • 14. Why is my line on the Ministry of Telecom’s network and not on GDS network? The GDS network currently covers a subset of the Central Offices where the DSL service is available. Moreover, if your central office is covered by GDS, the reason behind installing your line on the Ministry of Telecom’s network would be the unavailability of free port at the time you applied. GDS is currently in the process of expanding its network to add more ports in the currently covered central offices and to cover more Central Offices in order to reach a higher number of subscribers. If you wish to benefit from the features available to subscribers on GDS’s network, please contact our sales team to arrange for the move whenever new ports are available.
  • 15. What is the GDS network? The GDS network is a set of DSLAMs, routers and switches installed in selected Central Offices, allowing GDS to carry the DSL traffic over its private equipment, all the way to the ISP. Given that the equipment responsible for connecting to your ADSL modem and carrying your Internet traffic is under GDS’s control, GDS and the ISPs working with it have the ability to offer additional features and advanced subscription plans at a high quality and reliability.
  • 16. Why was the price of the Unlimited Night feature increased? The Unlimited Night feature now costs $4 for any metered plan.

    Given that the line speeds offered with the new plans became much faster, subscribers are able to attain speeds 3 to 4 times faster than the old / current speeds. In order to maintain a great customer experience and provide the needed higher bandwidth, IDM increased the price of the Unlimited Night feature by $1 to provide higher bandwidth during the Unlimited Night period.
  • 17. How should I renew my account if it expires few days before the 1st of August? If your account expires few days before the migration, you can renew your account normally with the usual card you used to refill with. On the 1st of August, your account type will be changed to the package assigned by IDM.

    Ex: if your account is 2M-40GB, and you want to renew it on the 28th with a 2M-40GB card, then, on the 1st of August your account type will be changed to:

    • 4M-40GB automatically if your line is on IDM - OGERO’s network.
    On the next refill you can either refill with an old 2M-40GB card or with a new 4M-40GB card or with any other Fixed Speed prepaid card.
    • OpenSpeed-40GB automatically if your line is on IDM – GDS’s network. On the next refill you can either refill with an old 2M-40GB card or with a new 4M/OpenSpeed-40GB or with any other Open Speed prepaid card.

  • 18. How much does it cost to change speed? As of the 1st of August, all change speed requests will be charged $2 per request. You will need to request a change speed only when switching from a FixedSpeed plan to an OpenSpeed plan or vice versa, otherwise you can move freely among FixedSpeed plans or OpenSpeed plans depending on your current account type; i.e. a FixedSpeed customer can choose / renew with any available FixedSpeed plan and an OpenSpeed plan can choose / renew with any available OpenSpeed plan.
  • 19. What if my line can only handle low speeds only (i.e. 128K, 256K, 512K, 1M)? If your line can only carry 128K, 256K, 512K and 1024K, you will be recommended to use any fixed speed plan.

    You can however choose a plan with higher traffic limit (GBytes) but you will not be able to benefit from the speed.
  • 20. What will happen to extra prepaid cards activated and waiting in the queue or the basket to be used? Prepaid cards in the queue or in the basket, will be treated as per the preset migration plan.

    If you decide on the following month to move to a account type different than the one provided by the stored prepaid cards, you will need to contact our customer care department and this issue will be treated on a case by case basis.
  • 21. The Ministry of Telecom reduced the prices. Why am I still paying the same amount? In addition to the packages offered by the Ministry of Telecommunication, IDM introduced additional packages, these packages and the ones introduced by the Ministry of Telecommunication are less expensive in the sense that these plans provide much more speed and/or upload/download traffic than the previous plans.
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